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Are you looking for an affordable padel racket, or the high end models used by the world's top professionals? Here at Padel Market we have it all. Huge selection of the best padel rackets from all the major brands. We are the online padel store chosen by Paquito Navarro, one of the best player in the world

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How to choose a padel racket:

The choice of a padel racket depends mainly on the level and style of play. In padel, control is just as important as power. So let's see how to choose a padel racket according to its shape:

- Round: This is the most recommended shape for beginning padel players because the low balance gives you more control over your shots, but it is also used by professionals. This type of paddle usually has a large sweet spot and is suitable for those who prefer a control game. 

- Teardrop: A racquet with a good balance of power and control. It is a shape of choice for many players at all levels, including professionals.

- Diamond: Recommended for those with a good level of play, this shape offers strong power but hits are harder to control.